Dog Grooming Services

Standard Trim

A standard trim basically is one length all over, some people prefer the standard trim without all the fanciness that they need to maintain at home or because of their dogs requirements, being, active or an outside dog or for loads of other reasons. Its what suits an owners situation. A standard trim does not mean that they have to have a dorky haircut either! My haircuts are my brand and I want your dog to walk out looking million dollars! So the body may be a standard cut -all over but the face and head trim will show off your dogs cuteness.

Fancy Trims

These I love doing! I love working outside the square and giving your dog a fancy trim! I listen to your requests, with regards to what you would like and how the style works for your dog. Or I am happy to take the reins and give your dog that fancy trim. Fancy trims can require a little extra work at home with regards to grooming, however, I am here to help! With some (not all) fancy trims I recommend a revisit within 4 weeks. This is where I can maintain and groom your dog to keep the trim looking….well fancy! The cost is only a small charge to maintain and you don’t require to perform any extra grooming work at home.

Shampoos & Conditioners

As all coats are different they all require different tools to maintain and wash with! I have many shampoos and conditioners all that are natural and have essential oils in them to replenish lost condition or essential moisture. Some skins can be sensitive! So make sure you let me know as I have special shampoos and conditioners to use on those. Itchy skins I use medicated shampoos to relieve the scratch and irritation.


I have a fantastic flea rinse I use. If there is an issue with fleas this rinse is fantastic for killing off all those fleas, so I can send your dog home flea free! I do recommend if your dog has fleas then whilst your dog is with me to give your dogs bed a good wash and if your dog is an inside dog to vacuum your house thoroughly (to vacuum up any eggs that fall off your dog) and to wash out your dogs kennel if he or she has one. If you use a flea treatment at home, tablets or spot ons bring them along and I can give to your dog at no charge.


Some dogs have ear issues, as in irritations or infections. If you are having any troubles cleaning out your dogs ears or medicating, I am more than happy to help with this, just bring in the solutions/drops etc you were given and I can do this for you. NO extra charges apply, its all apart of the service I provide.

Extra services

Such as ear cleaning/ medicating, Nails, teeth check are all at no extra charge and are always included. I always check these things over as its usually groomers who see & find these little extras and notify owners. After all we are going over every area of your dog. So its a good time to know that everything is going A -ok with your dog. If you would like me to worm your dog, please feel free to bring along the tablets and I would be more than happy to medicate your dog for you at no charge.

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