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Pet ID Tags

I’d like to talk about something important! Your Pets Identification! After all dogs (sadly) cannot speak! Here is a potential scenario. So say I found your dog Rufus on the street, lost…. what is the first thing that I (or you) would do? Look for identification! YES. 
Now I have a lot of beautiful and friendly dogs coming through my doors daily for their grooms and regular make overs and have discovered that not many actually have an ID tag on their collars! Thats a tag with their name and the important detail if they are lost, your phone number! The only tag they all have in common on their collars is the council registration tag! Whhhaaaaat??? Firstly ….. if the council are called and collect your lost dog, your dog goes off to doggy jail, yep JAIL ….and to top if off YOU cop a huge fine! Yes, you need to bail your beloved pet out of jail!
The next thing most dogs have is a Microchip! Great! 100% all for a microchipping, but how is someone like me or anyone else on the street without a scanner suppose to find out who this fancy travelling pooch is? So what if I take this lost dog off to the vet to get scanned? Well, vets are actually bound by the council to call them, yep, you guessed it, take your pooch off to jail… So these two roads so far lead to jail! 
 Ok so I have your dog without an ID tag and I have only two options:
1) Send him/her off to jail that will hit your pocket hard.
2) Take him/her to a vet to get scanned, but Jail is where he/she ends up too! 
So what can you do about it? EASY!!! Get an ID tag! There are so many out there and they start at just a couple of dollars! What should you put on there? All you really need is the Dogs name and your phone number! Maybe your mobile or another family members mobile number too. If you wanted to you could add “I’m Microchipped” but its not really that necessary…. or if your dog requires daily medication you could add “I require medication” this could help the person who finds your dog understand just how important it is that your pet gets home! 
Something so simple, easy and cheap could save your dog a visit to jail, bale money and getting home so much faster! And best of all SAFE!
I follow many local “lost & missing dog” forums and every…single… time…. these dogs do not have an ID tag attached to their collar!! How easy would it be for anyone who finds your dog to pull their phone out of their back pocket (lets face it we all have our phones glued to us) and call the phone number on the tag and say “Hey I have rufus here with me” and with the silly season ahead that brings what dogs dread, FIREWORKS, so if your dog does a runner out of fear, a tag will reunite you both so much quicker!! Phew what a relief!
So my special advice this week is to get yourself an ID tag! It could save so much heartache for you and your Pet! I sell them at my salon! So contact me if you would like me to organise this for you! 0407 763 674 
Till next time have a wonderful week and give your dog a smooch from me today!
oh and don’t forget to keep your details current on that tag!

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