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Dealing with the loss of a pet.

This would have to be one of the most difficult things I have had to write. Why? Because this recently happened to me and what I am going through personally. My boy, Baxter who made it to the wonderful age of 14 years & 5 months passed away on the 3rd of March 2016. Today [...]

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Considering a new edition to your family for xmas?

Here's how to avoid unknowingly purchasing from Puppy Mills, Puppy farms, Backyard breeders, Puppy factories or intensive breeding facilities. The usual areas where unethical breeders breeders are trying to reach you is usually via the internet. Places such as Gumtree, Trading Post. Pet shops & Newspaper advertisements are the usual places where these cowboy breeders [...]

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What makes us love certain dog breeds?

Its obvious that Australians love their dogs. Did you know that there are over 33 million pets in Australia? Of that figure 3.4 million are made up of Dogs! With this year coming to an end I thought I would look at this years Top 10 most popular Dog breeds that we brought into our [...]

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Pet ID Tags

I’d like to talk about something important! Your Pets Identification! After all dogs (sadly) cannot speak! Here is a potential scenario. So say I found your dog Rufus on the street, lost…. what is the first thing that I (or you) would do? Look for identification! YES.    Now I have a lot of beautiful [...]

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